Can Your Eyes Change Color: A Complete Detailed Guide

Can your eyes change color? Brown eye color is most common around the world. Thus eye color varies also from place to place. Dark brown eye is widely observed in Middle East. In continent of Africa and Asia, people have mostly bown eye color.

Dark brown is more common than light brown. Another shade between light and brown is honey color, which stands out as beautiful eye shade and most loved. While if we talk about light brown color, in southern Europe, Africa and America people light brown colored eye. Most of above Pakistan, India and Afghanistan are having all the shades of brown commonly. According to research, 4 percent people in America possess brown eye color.

This color varies from lighter to dark shade. Another shade is hazel color. Hazel color is found more than other shades in USA.  Hazel eyes are more in prevalence but still the variation of shades differ from person to person. Brown eye color has many advantages too.

How does brown color of eye appear?

The pigment known as melanin is a basic reason of brown color of eye. The presence of this pigment in body effect not only eyes but skin complexion too. The darker the shade the more melanin amount in body is present. That means light brown has less melanin. An advantageous fact is that, the more amount of melanin protects body from a type of cancer known as melanoma cancer. Thus dark colored eye person is at lowered risk of being victim of such cancer. According to researches melanin plays a defensive a role in protecting body from other diseases too. Moreover, if melanin is absent then eye color turns blue. Interestingly, a doctor has practically observed this change by creating a laser that in seconds turns brown eye to blue. It works because the laser eliminates melanin from eye and consequently brown converts into blue color instantly.

What is the cause behind different colored eye?

As we all know, blue and green colored eyes are not common. This melanin determines all colors of eyes present in world. When melanin is in very minor quantity, the eye color appears to blue. Green eyes and hazel brown eyes have a bit more amount of melanin as compared to blue ones. However, people having dark and medium brown eyes have most concentration of melanin found in their body.

How much heritance plays role for new born baby?

It is very difficult to prejudge which eye color will baby has. Because eye color doesn’t only depends on heritance. Therefore just by considering elders, it is quite impossible to expect the baby eye color. Scientists have strong belief that at least three genes play a role in formation of eye color. If we talk about genetic inheritance, brown eyed gene will be dominant over blue and green. This is a reason of having high density of brown colored eye people in the world. Typically, baby gets brown eye easily if one of the parents have brown eye but for blue or green eye a baby should have more than three blue eyed genes in its family tree. Due to influence of different genes in same family, child adopts a different eye color. Mixing up of variation of genes makes it hard to predict about eye color of baby.

Does eye color change after birth?

Question repeat again can your eyes change color? An interesting thing love to share here is there are births in the world surprisingly they have blue or green eyes but later on after few months the eye color changed to brown. This happens due to increase of amount of melanin in Iris. When the melanin increases it converts the eye color of baby to light, dark, honey or hazel brown.

Are there any health benefits exclusively related to these people?

Brown colored eye person have many health benefits according to researches. There is more number of health benefits related to the dark colored eye. People who have dark brown eye color are less likely to develop macular degeneration as compared to light shade of eye color. Similarly light brown colored eye people face less problems of anxiety and depression as compared to dark brown colored eye. One of the universities belonging to USA claimed that women with light brown color of eye feels less labor pains while giving birth according to their observation.

What is common personality trait of these people?

In the view of researchers there exists a relationship between eye color and face shape. A concept or must say a strong belief of researchers is brown color eyes are symbol of trust. These people are exceptionally trustworthy as compared to others. Also the shape of a person’s face plays a key role in the perception of trustworthiness.

What is most commonly found face shape of brown colored eye people around the world?

Brown-eyed faces tended to have a rounder and broader chin, a broader mouth with upward-pointing corners, relatively bigger eyes, and eyebrows closer to each other. In contrast, blue-eyed faces were characterized by a more angular and prominent lower face, a longer chin, a narrower mouth with downward-pointing corners, relatively smaller eyes and rather distant eyebrows.An author in his study wrote about brown eyes in such words;

“Brown-eyed individuals tend to be perceived as more trustworthy than blue-eyed ones, But it is not brown eyes that cause this perception. It is the facial morphology linked to brown eyes.”

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