Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

When we watch Disney movies like Cinderella or Frozen. It is difficult to take our eyes off from hairstyles of Cinderella and Rapunzel. They simply capture one’s attention and our eyes wander back to their long hair. Thick, shiny hair pulled back into a glamorous hairdo. Effective tips for healthy hair will grow hair naturally.

Knowing how to make these hairdos is a point however what you also need is healthy and shiny hair. Here are effective tips for healthy hair that will give you long hairs.

Protect Your Hair

Always protect your hairs from sun, rain and wind. Exposure to dirt, heat, sun, etc. Adds to our existent hair distress. These can lead to build up dirt, drying out to hair and scalp and increases susceptibility to infections on the scalp. Cover your hair with a hat or an umbrella when you went out in morning or evening.

Deal With Wet Hair

Wet hair break easily. The roots of your hair are more likely to damage when your hair are wet. Breakage begins from shampooing so don’t be too harsh. Avoid brushing in wet hair.

Regular Conditioning

After every wash use a moisturizing shampoo. Never walk out of a shower without conditioning. Your hairs become frizzy if you avoid this step.

Condition The Right Way

Conditioning needs to be done correct. Conditioners are made to seal in the moisture in the hair shaft. They are not for scalp. Start conditioning from the bottom of your hair and apply only on hair length, not on scalp. Conditioner on the scalp make your scalp oily.

Use Same Line Shampoo And Conditioner

Use same line shampoo and conditioner as it has a similar formulation. Every shampoo and conditioner is made for particular hair type and a particular purpose. If you want better result then use a same line products in place of two individual products.

Avoid Heat On Hair

Do not use heat on your hair. Heat remove the moisture from your hair and make it frizzy and dry. Excess use of heat can also burn your hairs. Use straighteners only when it is necessary and use a hair protestant before.

Avoid Tight Hair Ties

Avoid using too tight hair ties. Tight hair ties pull your hair back real tight which help friction and cause damages and breakage.

Don’t Braid Tightly During Bedtime

You need to loosely braid your hair before going to bed to avoid frizzy mess. While leaving your hair open make knots, it means you need to brushing in the morning. Over brushing can also make your hair frizzy.

Use Satin Pillow Cover

Always use satin pillow covers for sleeping because it can reduce hair breakage due to friction. Other material like cotton are rough in texture and cause more friction against your hair.


Oiling is important for hair. Oil your hair as many times as you can. use a gentle shampoo to remove oil from hair. Oiling your scalp is good for hair but do not over do it. Dripping oil from your hair require more shampoo which remove natural oil from your hair. These are the effective tips for healthy hair.

Cold Water

Use cold water to wash your hair because hot water affects our hair like styling methods do. Cold water does not mean freezing cold, however you can use water at room temperature.

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