How to Get Rid of Eye Migraine (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)

Complete Detail of Eye Migraine – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

An Eye Migraine is a common disorder. A migraine is a headache which is too specific changes that occur in the brain. A migraine is horrible for those who have never experienced it. It will be worse when you move around. It is a severe pain which can be up to 4 to 72 hours. A migraine can be of different kinds but most severe of them is a Retinal migraine.

Eye Migraine

An Eye Migraine:

A retinal / Ocular migraine is caused by same inflammation as a regular migraine. It is just due to inflammatory substance start release inside the blood vessels and brain. An Eye Migraine only affects one eye while a regular migraine affects the vision.


  • A retinal Migraine may be due to Blindness.
  • It may be because of flashing lights.
  • It may be because of change in the nerve cells in the Retina.
  • It may be due to the release of inflammatory substance inside the blood vessels, in the back of the eye.


  • The following are some symptoms which may be caused by a retinal migraine
  • Pain in one side of the Head.
  • Vomiting
  • Being sensitive to light, Sound, and Smell.

Sensitivity to light called photophobia, sensitivity to sound called phonophobia and sensitivity to smell called osmophobia. Whenever you find these symptoms regularly then must go to the doctor to examine your problem.

How to diagnose it?

When you will go to the doctor he will examine you and ask about the problem of this disorder. After your examination, he will suggest you some condition you need to avoid to get rid of it.

So you should avoid

  • Drugs.
  • Conditions that keep your blood from clotting like polycythemia.
  • Conditions that become the cause of blockage of blood to the eye. It leads to temporary blindness.


As an Ocular Migraine is the worst disorder and people take it not serious because it goes away within 30 minutes on their own. Whenever you feel any above-mentioned symptoms stop the work whatever you are doing to take rest properly until you feel that your vision goes back normal. If you are feeling pain on one side of your head go to the doctor and apply their recommendations properly.

The doctor may be recommending you some drugs such as

  • Depakote
  • Depakene
  • Topamax
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Beta-blockers (Blood Pressure medicines)

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