Top 6 Foods That Help Eyesight

Don’t Forget to Take these Best Foods for Eyes

We are discussing foods that help eyesight. Eyes are the greatest gift for us and we must take special care of this gift. To maintains the health of our eyes for a long time, we should take proper food contain necessary vitamins in it. Hence, it’s important to know that which is the best foods for eyes and its benefits. If you want to save your vision for a long time and wants healthy eyes forever, then go with these foods.


Top 6 Best Foods for Eyes:

The below mentioned best foods for eyes will help you to make your eyes healthier. Don’t forget to mention it in your daily routine.

1. Oranges:

Fruits like oranges and others which contains citric acid are really beneficial for eye health. Oranges contain Vitamin C which is a core element for healthiness. It’s recommended taking some tomatoes with oranges as it also enriched with Vitamin C.

How Much?

  • Use it in the morning on daily basis.
  • Eat is or make a juice of orange and tomato.

2. Carrots:

Carrots contain vitamin A and beta-carotene which provides sufficient nourishment to the eye. Vitamin E strengthened the eye tissues and keep our eyes healthier.

How Much?

  • Take carrot in the form of juice or eat it. (minimum 1 carrot per day)
  • Use it in the afternoon and on daily basis.

3. Eggs:

Another food which will save your eyesight for the lifetime is the egg. The yolk of the egg containing vitamin A, zinc, lutein which is beneficial for eye health.

How Much?

  • Add eggs in your breakfast – 1 egg per day.
  • In winter, use boiled eggs.

4. BlackBerries:

If you want to protect your night vision than don’t forget to take the subsequent amount of black barriers. The barriers help to avoid blindness and help you in macular degeneration.

How Much?

  • Add this amazing fruit to your breakfast menu.
  • Take ¼ per day or 1kg per week.

5. Beef:

The red meat contains the remarkable amount of zinc and vitamin A which helps to secure the vision. Instead, the deficiency of Zinc can cause macular degeneration. So it is enriched with Zinc and can be taken as best eye food.

How Much?

  • Take one small portion of the meat per week (twice a week).
  • Baked beef is more beneficial. So take it twice a week.

6. Fish:

Your eyes probably need a significant amount of omega 3 fatty acid. So, the consumption of fish is really beneficial as it contains the maximum amount of this vitamin. Especially Salmons is considered as number one food for eye health.

How Much?

  • Use once a week or thrice a month.
  • Grilled and boiled fish cab be used.

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