lifesaver Medicines Approved By DRAP From Local Companies

Pakistanis have been dealing with a critical medication shortage, including potentially fatal pharmaceuticals, for months. Innumerable patients and their loved ones have experienced tremendous distress as a result of this. Nonetheless, some encouraging news has arrived at last. Pakistani pharmaceutical companies have had numerous innovative, potentially lifesaver medications approved for registration by the country’s Medicine Regulatory Authority (DRAP).

Good news for Pakistan


DRAP has decided to take action to alleviate the current scarcity and improve access to lifesaver pharmaceuticals. Among the recently approved medications are those that address a wide range of medical conditions, such as:

  • Injectable anesthetics are life-saving for many medical operations, including surgery.
  • Cancer sufferers must have access to anti-cancer medications in order to undergo treatment.
  • The flu season is quickly approaching, so it’s important for everyone to be vaccinated.
  • Injectable Anafortan: This medicine has multiple uses, one of which is the treatment of autoimmune illnesses.
  • For the treatment of diabetes and obesity, semaglutide injections are used.
  • A number of additional life-saving medications have also received emergency registration approval from the DRAP. Their dedication to resolving the shortfall promptly is evident from this.

locally produced pharmaceuticals

Patients will be able to get their hands on the potentially lifesaver pharmaceuticals they need without experiencing unnecessary difficulty, thanks to this improvement in medicine accessibility.

Dependence on costly and sometimes unreliable imported pharmaceuticals will be lessened through increased domestic manufacture.

In the long run, thanks to this decision, Pakistan will be able to rely less on imports and more on domestic production, which will boost the pharmaceutical industry.
Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of a positive trend.


  1. More capital will flow into the pharmaceutical sector, which will spur innovation if regulations are improved.
  2. Building trust in the system and stopping the selling of low-quality drugs are both aided by establishing accountability and openness.
  3. Supporting R&D will let domestic businesses create innovative pharmaceuticals and medical treatments, reducing the need to import them.
  4. These measures would help Pakistan guarantee its people may affordably get the safe, effective medications they need to maintain good health.
  5. At the same time, patients and their families nationwide can take heart from the fact that DRAP has approved these new lifesaver medications.

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