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Everything You Need to Know About Human Eye Parts and Their Function…

Human eyes are the most important part in body. As we see everything around us or in the universe through the eye and Eye Parts. Human eyes have complex and highly specialized visual systems. There are many Eye Parts which work together to accomplish vision. These Eye Parts keep the structures smooth for vision safe and secure from infection and injury. It is all about the main eye Parts of human eye and their functions.

Eye Parts and Their Functions

Here are the main Eye Parts of human eye by which a human can see around himself.

Eye Parts

1. Cornea

The cornea is the outer layer covering of the eye. The dome-shaped layer protects human eye from elements against entering in the inner parts of the eye. There are many other layers of cornea that provide more protection.

Main Function: The main function of cornea is to properly focus on light. It refracts light bends it and enters the eye. It is convex and transparent.

2. Pupil

The pupil looks like a black dot in the middle of the eye. This black area is actually a hole that takes in light so the eye can focus on the objects in front of it.

Main Function: It takes in light so the eye and focus on the objects in front of it.

3. Iris

The iris is the Pigmented area of eye that decides the color of eyes. Its muscles contract and relax to alter the size of its central hole or pupil. If it is too bright, the iris will shrink the pupil so that they eye can focus more effectively.

Main Function: it controls how much light enters the pupil. This allows the eye to take in more or less light depending on how bright it is around you.

4. Conjunctiva Glands

These glands are the layers of mucus which help keep the outside of the eye moist. If your eye become dry then it causes itchy and painful. If the conjunctiva glands infected the patient will face a problem of pink eye.

Main Function: Keep eyes moist and save from itchy and pain.

5. Lacrimal Glands

Lacrimal glands are located in the outer corner of eye. These glands produce tears which help in moisturizing the eye and save it to become dry. Many outer particles enter in eyes from dust and these glands flush out particles which irritate the eye.

Main Function: Produce tears and save eyes to become dry.

6. Lens

The lens placed directly behind the pupil a transparent, bi-convex and flexible disc. This is a layer that focuses the light the pupil takes in. It is held in place by the ciliary muscles which allow the lens to change shape depending on the amount of light.

Main Function: It focuses light onto the retina.

7. Retina

The light focuses by lens onto the retina and it is located in the back of the eye. It is connected to the optic nerves that transmit the images to the brain so they can be interpreted. Retina is made of rods and cones arranged in layers. The rods are sensitive to dim light and black and white while cones are sensitive to colors. In back of retina there is the macula which helps to interpret the details of the object which the eye is working to interpret.

Main Function: Contains the light receptors.

8. Optic Nerve

It is the most last part of human eye lies at the end of eye. It has bundle of sensory neurons at back of the eye.

Main Function: It carries impulses from eye to the brain.

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