Red Eyes or Bloodshot Eye – Treatment, Causes, Best Eye Drops

Complete Guide for Red Eyes Treatment and Causes

Most people have the problem of Red Eyes or Bloodshot Eye. It became more severe in hot weather, especially in mid-summer. This cause when the killer sun rays or other seasonal or chemical stuff directly affects our eyes. There are hundreds of reason behind this and so the treatments are. But it is compulsory to understand the reason first and then take any treatment. If the case is more severe, then its recommended consulting your doctor first.

Complete Details of Red Eyes:

 If you or your beloved one is suffering from this, then it’s mandatory to know the reason. Also the treatments and best-recommended drops for this.Red Eyes

Causes of Red Eyes:

There are many reasons behind this appearance of the eye. Some are severe while others are just the seasonal or normal effects.

  • Firstly, it may cause due to the allergic problem. As we know, some people have allergy due to soul dust, dirt, chemicals, light and through the contact lens.
  • Secondly, it may cause due to the additional or unappropriated use of the contact lens.
  • Thirdly, when people met some eye injury in any uneven incident.
  • Furthermore, the irresistible use of technology related products such as mobile phone, laptop, TV etc.
  • Moreover, the dry eyes can also cause such mishap to happen. When the tear glands get dry, it may cause the reddish eye.
  • Lastly, Conjunctivitis is probably the biggest reason of bloodshot eyes.

Treatment of Red Eyes:

There are thousands of treatments according to varied problems. But here are some tips that will be perfectly suitable for every type of eyes.

  • First of all, in pollen season, don’t stay outdoors for a long time.
  • Moreover, wear sunglasses whenever you go outside in the sunny day.
  • Please keep your pets out of your home or at least from your bedroom.
  • Move on from the dirty and dusty places. It is suggested to wear the mask whenever you visit such places.
  • Avoid the use of chemical based beauty products and perfumes.
  • Keep your home neat and clean. Make sure the dusting of your home on daily basis.
  • In case of dry eye, try to use the freshness drops or rose water.
  • When you become the victim of this, use the suggested drops.
  • But when the case is more severe, it is suggested to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Best Drops for Red Eye:

  • Clear Eye – Cooling comfort and redness release.
  • Equate Redness Relief Eye Drops.
  • Visine Advanced Redness.
  • Histazolin Eye Drops.
  • Boiron Optique Eye Drops.

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