Treatment For Red Eye

Sometime when you wake up your eyes become red without any symptoms other than redness. You may unfamiliar what you did to cause the redness. You did not feel any problem but it is noticeable and probably not very attractive. Most of the people sometime suffer from red eyes and it is important to treat their red eyes and their symptoms as soon as possible. Over here we are going to discuss some very actionable treatment for red eye.

Red eyes is simply red-colored eyes. Eye become red because our eye blood vessels which is in the white portion of eyes become enlarged and irritated and that’s why cause redness in eyes. The redness of eye could not be some thing serious but sometimes it may cause serious problem like as viral pink eye.

You may also want to try some home remedies to get best treatment for red eye, if your vision is not reduced or you may not have any pain. You can also try few things which are as follows.

Here Are some Actionable Treatment For Red Eye

Artificial Tears For Red Eye Treatment.

use of artificial tears for red eye

A red eye is sometime a dry eye. If you can not take full sleep or at least 8 hours of sleep so your eyes become dry and inflamed. Redness which is caused by dry eyes is by itching, burning and a gritty sensation. One thing which provide quick relief is artificial tears which is lubricating eye drops. You can easily buy eye drops from eye care shops.

Suggestion: Use artificial tears four times per day for the rest of the week. Some people place eye drops in the refrigerator to make it chilled because chilled fluid is soothing to the eyes.

Cold Compresses.

If you can not get to the eye clinic or use any type of eye drop so the best option is to use cold compress. It will help to make narrower the blood vessels in your eyes. If you want to make cold compress then pick some ice cubes from the refrigerator and fill a bowl with ice and water. Take a clean washcloth and submerge it into the bowl and remove extra water from the cloth. You can also use small bags of frozen peas as they maintain a temperature. Cold compresses will help to reduce redness and fluid retention around the eyes while sleeping.

Suggestion: Use cold compresses to closed eyes for at least 10 to 15 minutes and two to three time in a day.

Antihistamine Eye Drops.

If your eyes are red and also create itching and tearing so you may have eye allergies. If you can not visit doctor so you may want to use an antihistamine eye drop. After some years these eye drops are being available only by prescription but now these eye drops are available under the names.

The best eye drops which control itching and also shrink swollen blood vessels that help to reduce redness are Opcon-A and Naphon-A.

Suggestion. These medicines are short-acting so they must be taken four times a day and not be taken for long term.


Vasoconstrictors are eye drops that are referred to get the red out. It help to reshape the size of small blood vessels placed in conjunctiva. It is not recommended from doctor because if it is used for long period they make rebound redness.

Suggestion: Apply only two times on daily basis, in morning and before going to bed. Redness of your eye will be reduce by using it and may be used safely for some weeks. If you find using them every morning then take advice from a doctor. You can not use these eye drops for long time because excess use of these drops can harm your eyes.

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