Top Weight Loss Tips To Start

If you want to lose your weight, from where do you start? Everyone’s answer is totally different, there are some starting steps that work for everyone. You are not a single person who does not know where to start. Hopefully you will find your answer here. Start With these weight loss tips:


Weight Loss Tips

Most important thing ever is to decide for a change in your lifestyle. You have to hit that point with commitment and decision and without anybody’s force to do it. Keep in mind that you have to work daily.

Go For A Walk

Walking has unbelievable benefits and it can be done anytime, anywhere. Unlike running and jumping, walking is a low impact exercise for excellent fat burn.

Don’t think, just walk!

Just put up your walking shoes, training shoes, running shoes, or whatever you have and start walking. You can also listen motivational podcasts, your favorite playlist or an audio book during walk.

Create A Vision Board

Everybody have dreams of better life, body, mindset, house, etc. Put all of your dream pictures at a place where you’ll see it every day. Look at it, visualize what it feels like to reach to your dream life and decide for your future life. It sounds weird but it’s amazing to do as it motivate you for your destiny.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

No juices, no sports drinks, no soda…just water!

Aim for 35-40 ml per kg of body weight. And add 500-1000 ml per hour of exercise. Calculate your water intake with liquid requirement calculator. Drinking water boost the metabolism by 24–30% over a period of 1–1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories

Define Your “Why” And “How”

Why do you want to lose your weight? How would you reach there?
You have to write it down and hang it everywhere.

Balance And stability

Start by doing exercises of balancing and stability by standing on one foot or on an
unstable surface (running in sand, working out with a bosu ball, etc). This will help you to work more efficiently, strengthen your core and stabilizer your muscles and strengthen your neuromuscular connections.

Doing aerobic exercis is an excellent, way to burn calories and improve your physical and mental health.

Start Tracking Your Food

Calculate and manage that how many calories you had consumed according to your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, level of education and history of employment. Try to manage your starvation mode. Eat enough before you are going to starts burning stored fat of your body. That why tracking of your food is so important.

Be Present When You Eat

Do not watch TV, computer or your cell phone when you eat. Chew your food at least 25 times before swallowing, because chewing is actually allowing the food to mix with the saliva.

These are the weight loss tips to follow first for your healthy lifestyle. Afterwards you can find more according to your will.

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