How To Avoid Swollen Eyelids


Excess fluid in the connective tissues of eyes become the cause of swollen eyelids. Swollen eyes some times may be painful or may not. Swollen eye condition can influence both the upper and lower eyelids.

Many conditions like eye infection, eye injuries and allergies can make your eyes swollen.

Swelling eyelids can be a indication of sight-threatening health problem like orbital cellulitis, graves disease and ocular herpes. You can use some tips to avoid swollen eyelids which we will discuss below.

Symptoms Of Swollen Eyes

Swollen eyelid may be a indication of allergies or a sign of serious eye infection. It may be accompanied by one or more of the following.

Eye irritation
Sensitivity of light
Excess tear production, resulting in watering eyes.
Obstructed vision
Red eyes
Eye discharge
Eyelid dryness

Causes Of Swollen Eyes


Eye allergies may occur when your body overreacts to something or foreign substance called an allergen. The immune system makes antibodies that make your eye to release histamine. Pollen, dust, pet dander, certain eye drops and contact lens solution are the common eye allergen.

Eye allergies develop when your eyes release chemical mediators to protect your eyes from allergens which you are sensitive

Histamine is most common. The blood vessels in your eyes become swell and your eye become red


Avoid Swollen Eyelid

It also known as pink eye. It is inflammation of the clear lining of the surface of the eye called the conjunctiva. Different types of pink eye can make swollen eyelids, among other symptoms like water, red and itchy eye.


Avoid Swollen Eyelid

A minor infection can make stye at the base of the eyelid. It is appearing as a swollen or reddish bump on the surface of the eyelid. When these oil producing glands get blocked so it cause eyelid swelling .


Avoid Swollen Eyelid

It is form due to blockage of an oil gland in the eyelid. It often begin as a small red swollen area of the eyelid but after some days it convert into painless lump as a stye.

Eye Injuries

Avoid Swollen Eyelid

Any distressing to eye area including black eye. Trauma caused by cosmetic surgery can trigger inflammation and swollen eyes.

Treatment Of Swollen Eyes

Treatment of swollen eyelids depends on the underlying cause. Your optometrist may prescribe medication or recommend over the counter remedies like as eye drops.

If your swollen eyes are due to allergies then artificial tears will help relieve symptoms. Mild steroid eye drops may be recommended by your eye doctor for allergic reactions.

Some infections may respond well to anti-viral or anti-inflammatory eye drops.

Minor bouts of swollen eyelids can be remove with natural remedies. Stop rubbing your eyes because it only irritate your condition

If you have light sensitivity so photochromic lenses can help reduce light sensitivity. Don’t wear contact lenses until your eyelid swelling can resolve.

Cool compress can also help in reducing eyelid swelling.

If you feel any pain in your eyes then visit your eye doctor to find out a harmful cause of your swollen eyes.

Tips For Preventing Swollen Eyes

Get Tested For Allergies: If swollen eyelid and symptoms of allergies occur daily then get tested for allergies. If you know from which thing you are allergic then avoid these things.

Choose Makeup That Are Fragrance Free And Hypoallergenic: In order to avoid allergic flare-ups. Before applying any product on your face you can check it by applying on your wrist whether it cause any reaction or not.

When Using Any Eye Drops: Look for preservative free eye drops because some people are also allergic to these preservatives.

If You Use Contact Lenses: You can reduce your risk of eye infection by proper hygiene techniques including frequent replacement of your contact lenses and contact lens case. you can avoid swollen eyelids by these tips.

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