5 Causes of Blurred Vision That You Should Know About

Unfocused, unclear and blurred vision is one of the most common eye issues that the world faces at large. While usually, it isn’t something that you should be worried about, blurred vision can become a menace that cannot be ignored. As causes of blurred vision are too many, it is difficult to find the actual cause of blurred vision. While slight blurriness is easily managed, its increase is a cause for worry. If you don’t already have poor eyesight and your vision is fuzzy at times, this blurriness can be caused by the following issues.

5 Common Causes of Blurred Vision

If you have any of the following symptoms, get an appointment with your doctor and get your eyes checked immediately.



You may have caught conjunctivitis. Pink eye is a common cause for eye irritation and blurred vision. It is a virus that will take its time to go away and all you can do is protect your eye from further issues. If you have common flu, you might also get pink eye. It will go away on its own in just a week or two and doesn’t usually need treatment.

If your symptoms are not severe, you can get away with it. But if your eye is redder by every passing day, you should get the eye checked. The doctor will prescribe cold compression, an over-the-counter eye drop or warm compression if your eye is swollen.


One of the most severe causes of blurred vision is cataracts. It is one of those eye issues that develop over time and usually occur because of ageing. This is a condition in which the lens in front of your eye block light and becomes blurry. Your retina will not be able to reflect light to your brain properly, which is the reason why you will get blurred vision.

It takes time to develop so you will start having issues with your vision over time. You will not feel any pain, but you will have other symptoms. The only treatment for cataract is lens replacement surgery. The doctor will take out your eye’s lens and replace it with a clear plastic one.


Another eye issue that develops as you age, Glaucoma occurs when your eye faces extra pressure. This is a serious condition because the optic nerve of your eyes is damaged with the increase in pressure. It develops slowly and you usually don’t get many symptoms apart from blurred vision.

The only way to diagnose Glaucoma is by having your eyes checked by your doctor regularly. A Glaucoma patient will have to take medication to control the eye pressure and if the pressure increases, they will have to get laser treatment or eye surgery to save the eye.

Macular Degeneration

For the men and women who cross 60, macular degeneration is a big issue. Macular is the area near the center of your eye’s retina helps you see things directly in front of you. If it degenerates, you will have a loss of central vision and can make everyday activities very challenging.

Currently, there is no treatment for macular degeneration. However, taking high dosage of certain types of minerals and vitamins can slow the damage or halt it. To make sure, you don’t get this disorder, you need to maintain your health. Make sure you don’t have high blood pressure, have healthy cholesterol levels, don’t smoke and eat healthy.


Your blurred vision can also be caused by undiagnosed type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Diabetes put at risk of contracting multiple diseases. If your blood sugar levels are uncontrolled, you will be at risk of many eye-related issues. However, the good thing is, you can protect yourself from these issues by just controlling your diet. If you are not careful about your condition, you may even lose your eyesight completely.

These are 5 main causes of blurred vision and all of these can be prevented with a little care and visit your eye doctor. Make sure you get in touch with your doctor every 6 months and stay on top of your health to keep your eyes in perfect condition. Eat healthily, take care of your eyes and always make sure you wash your eyes when it itches. This is the best way to keep your eyes healthy.

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