How to Get Rid of Eye Herpes – Symptoms, Treatment, Types, Causes

All You Need To Know about Eye Herpes – Complete Guide

Eye Herpes also called ocular herpes is an infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus. This eye virus directly affects the cornea of our eye and appear as sores near our eye. This disease should be cured at first glance because it may affect the inner layers of the eyes. The complete eye herpes treatment along with root causes, symptoms, and types are described in detail. So that, you can identify the circumstances first before you take proper treatment.Eye Herpes

Types of Eye Herpes:

This Herpes Simplex Virus fall in one of these categories.

  • Type 1 Herpes: this type of eye herpes virus effects directly to the sensitive area of the eye. It affects the face area due to the fever eruptions.
  • Type 2 Herpes: such type of virus is transmitted sexually. If one person is the victim of this virus, it may affect the closer person Immediately. That’s why it affects the sensitive areas and effects the under eye area.

Symptoms and Signs:

  • Eye Pain.
  • Unclear or blurred vision.
  • Reddish or itchy eyes.
  • An eye headache.
  • The sensitivity of sharp light.

The position of the Eye Herpes:

  • Firstly, the outermost eye layer.
  • The inner layer.
  • Deeper eye layers.
  • Eyelids.


There are many causes of this eye virus and varied according to the conditions. Some of the most common and well-known causes are mentioned below.

  • Fever usually Typhoid.
  • Major surgery procedures.
  • Virus already exists in your closer persons.

Home Remedies:

If the condition is not severe and the virus is in the very initial stage, then you can use home remedies to cure this. But whenever you find the condition is severing, it is suggested to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

  • The first method is eye flushing. Take the fresh and normal water and do flushing properly. It may reduce the level of herpes condition.
  • Secondly, avoid the sharp light. Keep yourself in the mid-light and take proper eye rest.
  • Lastly, avoid the rubbing of the affected eyes. Moreover, if a person is affected by this eye virus, avoid being too much closer to such person.


Doctors can best describe the appropriate treatment according to your eye health. But some more common and popular treatments are;

  • Epithelial keratitis treatment
  • Drop and Medicines
  • Stromal keratitis treatment

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