Top 5 Best Eye Health Tips to Save Your Vision for a Longtime


Best Eye Health to Protect Your Eyes From Diseases and Damages

Our eyes play a vital role not only in our vision but also in our personality. Most of the people lost their vision because they don’t take proper care of their eyes. Also, the unhealthy, puffy and sleepy eyes ruin your perfect looks and you look aged yet ugly. Eye Health tips can save your eyesight and saves your perfect looks. Before you fall a victim of any Eye Disease it necessary to take care at first.

Top 5 Best Eye Health Tips:

These Eye Health Tips are savage for your eyes as well as your personality. Try to adopt all or at least some of these tips for healthy eyes.Eye Health Tips

1. Eat Healthy Food:

Eat well and take healthy foods which help to improve your eyesight. The foods containing Vitamin E, C, A, zinc and Omega 3 are perfect to eat with perfect vision. The foods that contain all these vitamins are;

  • Vegetables (green leaf).
  • Salmon and oily fishes.
  • Beans, peanuts, and eggs.
  • Citrus acid fruits like orange.

2. Use Safety Eyewear:

Whenever, you decided to go out in the sunny day, it is recommended to wear the sunglasses. It protects your eyes from dust, smoke, sun rays and other environmental factors. Ig your eyesight is weak, then its recommended to wear the safety eyewear such as goggles and glasses.

3. Don’t use Mobile/laptop too Much:

It is the era of technology and it also becomes the necessary need now. But too much usage of technology related stuff such as laptop and mobiles. The excessive usage of such things causes a headache, eyestrain, blurry eyes, dry eyes and many much more. So take a proper eye rest while using these things almost 20sec rest after 20-minute usage. Try to blink eyes, put cold water on eyes, close your eyes for a while and consult to doctor if situation is severe.

4. Eye Examination:

It is suggested to consult to your doctor on weekly or monthly basis. Do a short examine of the eye and make sure to use all the healthy tips to keep your eyes fresh. Moreover, if you feel eye tiredness, headache and dry eyes, then consult to your doctor so that you may remain protective against diseases.

5. Quit Smoking:

Smoking can cause serious diseases to your eyes. Try to reduce the smoking or quit it completely to refrain the bad effects of the smoke. The smoke of the cigarette can directly affect the retina of your eyes. Every time you will quit smoking, it will be beneficial for you.

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