Eye Injuries In Children And How To Prevent Them

Eye injuries can occur in children from infants through teens. However these eye injuries can be prevented by taking the necessary precautions and the use of proper eye protection. The frequency of eye injuries among children is remarkably high and the damage often serious. Below are some tips for preventing eye injuries to your child’s eyes.

Common Types Of Eye Injuries In Children

Eye injuries that are most common in children are as follows:


Trauma to the entire eye including tissues or bones is a common type of eye injury in teens and school going children. Sometime eye trauma can be minor as a black eye or as severe as a ruptured globe.

According to The National Eye Institute, the most common cause of vision loss in school going children is sports-related injuries. Many sports can cause eye injuries, however baseball seems to be the most dangerous to lead eyes injuries. American Academy of Ophthalmology state that, eye injuries occur most often in the children due to baseball. Car accidents, falls, misuse of tools are the other causes of trauma in children eye.


When your child doing sport so ensure that your child is wearing the appropriate eyewear. The American Academy of Ophthalmology state that in children’s, 90% of eye injuries can be prevented only by wearing protective eyewear.

Install baby gates in young children to prevent falls.

Remember to buckle seatbelt.

Keep away sharp tools from children. And also remind older kids to handle tools cautiously.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns to the eye can lead to permanent loss of vision. Young children may accidentally get into different potentially harmful substances which splashes into their eyes, like pesticides, detergent, and bleach. Elder kids may cause a chemical burn from the products like paint or glue, get into their eye while using.


Keep away these chemicals from where young children cannot touch them.

Remember to wear safety goggles when doing a project that involves working with chemicals.

Use chemical products that are less toxic decreases the chances of an eye injury.

Corneal Abrasions

In children, corneal abrasions is a ordinary eye injury. These injuries occur when dirt, sand, or other irritant gets into the eyes. Some corneal abrasions are minor. However serious injuries are also possible.


While playing, teach your children not to throw sand.

Inform your child not to rub their eye, if something get into their eyes.

Avoid wearing contact lens while a corneal abrasion heals.

What Should You Do If Your Child Injures Their Eye?

Children’s eye injuries change extensively in seriousness. Even unknown particles in the eye can lead to a abrasion that should be judge. Your child may suffer an injury to their eye at any time, it’s best to visit optometrist. There are some things to keep in mind:

Try to stay calm when a child suffer from an eye injury because if you are upset, it’s likely your child will be, too.

Do not use tweezer to get a foreign body out of the eye.

Splash water on a chemical burn and get emergency medical treatment.

Gently cover a puncture wound to the eye.

Do not put pressure on the eye after an injury.

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