Eyes are Mirror of your Personality: What does your eye shape say?

A very famous phrase is really true: “Your eyes are window to your soul.” Eyes are mirror of your personality. It explains your personality traits. Through eyes reading, research proved that accurate personality judgment can be done. This is actually about genes. Genetics affec the eye shape and also personality traits. Thus eyes can unveil the whole outlook of anyone.

The eyes are reflection of one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. Eyes are first thing that is a person notices about someone. Poets and thinkers wrote a lot about eyes. Because of attraction that captivated them therefore have written millions of poems. Also Chinese are good at revealing personality through eyes reading. Your eyes tell what you are from inside out.

If we talk about shape of eyes, there are so many shapes of eyes like almond, large, wide, round, close set and much more. Moreover, with the shape also size matters. In the whole world people belonging to different casts have various shape and size of eyes. Some have big size and others are having small. There are people who have prominent eyes on their face. I know you are getting curious now, so here we go with different eye shapes and what do they tell about your personality,

  1. Large Eyes:

    large eyes

People with large eyes are receptive person and very open mind. They have strong conscious and subconscious thus seems to be much aware of the information around. They love to follow their dreams and goals. Also they possess passionate and a warm personality. Others have opinion about them as hospitable and attractive person. Creativity is also an ability of such people. For being very sincere and true to everyone, people at time cheat and fraud easily.

  1. Small Eyes:

    Small Eyes

If you have small eyes then you seem to be an articulate person and determined. These individuals are perfect professional person. As being intelligent person, they are sharp and genius. They can smell the threat easily because of good fore sighting power. They have a nature of looking into matter until not get satisfied. Because of analytical nature, to trust others can never be easy. Such nature made people think as cold & arrogant person.

  1. Almond Shape:

    Almond eyes

Almond shaped eyes are symbol of compassionate person. These individual have a mystical appearance and exotic in nature usually. A person with almond eyes has balanced life style. If someone have almond eyes, he must be very cautious and attentive person. They stay calm in although worst of the situations but they are gifted with balanced individual traits. They are not expressive about emotions but still posess a soft heart and good nature.

  1. Close set Eyes:

    close-set eyes

These people with close-set eyes are tends to be traditional. They have their affection to the back, old traditional values and past. It is also meant to be unchangeable personality who doesn’t accept easily upcoming changes around them. So they are not adoptable for change. Such nature of following the rule and regulation made them strict. They love to follow customs and try hard to stand for it.If the change is imposed on them they turned harsh and stressed. These individuals however found disciplined and goal oriented. Regardless of short tempered nature, most of them are successful in life.

  1. Round Eyes:

    Round Eyes

If the eyes are curved at the end abruptly, then it signs for creative mind. They are impractical and moody who love to work on their own made flexible rules and time. These eyes are symbol of idealism. They love to live in their own imaginative world which help them to live a wonderful happy life. However, the mood swings and lack of control over emotions and feelings make them easily disturbed. It is important to tell here that these individuals should think before speak because of sharpness of tongue.

  1. Wide set Eyes:

    Wide set Eyes

A symbol of experimental nature is wide set eyes. It has an eye length more away from each other. Those who have wide set eyes are impulsive and flexible. They love to explore new things. They tends to be adventurous and fun loving. These individual like to accept easily new trends, fashions and change. Therefore these individual are seems to be open minded and easily adjustable to new change. New things and experiments actually inspire them which results in exciting life style. They love to travel and move like a free bird. Rules and boundaries irritate them thus they live a life with zeal.

  1. Deep Set Eyes:

    Deep Set Eyes

If eyes are more set back into face then the eyes are fall into category of Deep set eyes. These eyes are sign of optimistic approach. They are intense romantic. They love to see the world as their own view. They are confident and brave. They do not easily accept the defeat. Always they have faith in successful future ahead. As being an optimist, they have positive approach towards life. They love to encourage others and positive change.

  1. Prominent Eyes:

    prominent eyes

The person having prominent eyes, are sensitive one. They easily get depressed because of surrounding. They are also friendly by nature. Just because of sensitive nature, they have worrying attitude towards minor things too. This worry and stress at times lead to anxiety.They make friends and share their emotions and feelings to them. They are not positive by nature rather pins difficulties of life.

  1. Up-ward slanting Eyes:

    up-ward slanting Eyes

They are witty but optimistic. They have ambition to achieve goals. They love to follow targets. Because of witty nature sometimes things move against them. They love to follow dreams with positive believe. They see the world as bright. They are tends to be inviting. They are usually fiery and open personality. Upward facing tips of eyes are also looks mysterious.

  1. Down ward slanting Eyes:

    Down Ward slanting Eyes

Those individuals who have eyes slanting downwards are pessimistic by nature. They can not see the bright side of life. They always find difficulties and troubles in each walk of life. However they are are optimist but they can make long lasting friends who are sincere to them. They tend to be submissive.

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