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Hair Extensions Canada – Best Shades Extensions to Get Thicker & Longer Hairs

Hair Extensions Canada with Best Shades and Installation Type

Do you have short and fine hairs? Want to get that thick and long hair for a specific event? Hair extensions are the best choice for such persons. These extensions add extra length and thickness to your hairs and give you extra chic look. The extensions come in various shades and style of attachment.

Shades of Hair Extensions:

The most popular and good looking shades of hair extensions have been mentioned here.

  • Black Shades
  • Brown Shades
  • Blonde Shades
  • Mix Shades
  • Flash Shades
  • Red Shades

Types of Extensions:

There are various types of hair extensions which have various installation process and come in varied colors and size.

1.Clip-in Extension:

The most popular hair extensions are clip-in extensions which are easy to install and remove. To apply for this hair extension; you simply have to follow this.

  • Part your hairs.
  • Open the clip, attach the extension to your hairs and that’s it.
  • It will take a few minutes and you will get the hairs of your choice.

2.Tap-in Extension:

This extension is specifically designed for the women who have thick hairs. This extension is more comfortable, lightweight and reusable.

  • You just have to adjust the tap of the extension at your hairs.
  • After that, close the tap and its done.
  • You can also adjust the thickness and length of the extension.

3.Micro Loop Hair:

Micro loop extension is best for you if you want 224/7 extension. It will blend with your hairs seamlessly and give it natural look.

  • Take the loop of the extension and adjust it with your hairs.
  • Now, attach your hairs with loop strand.
  • Try to blend your hairs and the extension so that it will look natural.

4.Fusion Extension:

Most probably, we wonder about the perfect extensions used by celebrities and we wish to have that. Most celebrities use this extension as it is light weight, long lasting and blends perfectly.

  • There are many strands and you have to attach these for a perfect hair.
  • Then, the strands will attach with the glue at the bottom of strands.
  • Now, heat the strands until it melts completely and has longer hairs.

5.Sew-in Extension:

Another extension which is perfect for 24/7 use and this is available at a very low price.  Grab your hair matching extension and have thicker and longer hairs instantly.

  • Attach the small section of this with your natural hairs.
  • Now, cut the weave in small pieces gently.
  • After that, it will have sewed into hairs permanently.

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