Red Hair in Canada (Facts, Shades and Red Hair Extensions)

Its All About Red Hair in Canada- Full Details

Many people dye their hairs with different colors as purple, pink, red etc. Red hair is most commonly found at the northern and western fringes of Europe. It is about Red Hair Canada and in Canada many people have red hair. The shade of red depends on your skin tone. Many people also have grey color if you want to dye your hair from grey to red then it doesn’t take well color it may fade to pink.
If you have warm and peachy skin tones then you should choose these red shades as true amber copper to ginger and the warmest mango blonde. If you have cool fair skin or deeper skin tones you should try true red, red wine, pomegranate and raspberry tones.

More Facts about Red Hair

  • Red hair is a beautiful genetic mutation.
  • There are less than 2% of the world have Redheads.
  • Red Hair can occur in any ethnicity (mostly in northern or western European)
  • Red is thicker color than other colors.
  • Redheads are more likely to develop skin cancer.
  • Red Hairs and blue eyes are the rare combination.
  • Redheads can change temperature more quickly.
  • Redheads don’t go grey.
  • Redheads can produce their own vitamin D.

Popular Color Shades of Red Hair

Red Hair

  • Bright Copper Hair Color
  • Ginger Red Hair Color
  • Copper Highlights
  • Light Auburn Hair Color
  • Medium Auburn Hair Color
  • Golden Copper Hair Color
  • Red Mahogany Hair Color
  • Cherry Brown Hair Color
  • Burgundy Hair Color
  • Red Velvet Hair Color

Red Hair Extensions

There is a wide range of red hair extensions and a variety of shades. Many people use hair extensions to look more smart and different. There are many hair extensions of many styles and sizes. You can choose anyone of your choice and enjoy more with your long and trendy hair. Some of the rich and vibrant Hair Extensions are here as:

  • Bright Red (Set yourself from the pack with this wild & intense color).
  • Strawberry or Ginger Blonde (#27) golden honey red toned shade.
  • Light Auburn (#30) shade of russet auburn.
  • Dark Auburn or Copper Red (#33) brazen & glamorous copper hue.
  • Ginger or Natural Red (#350) classic & show stopping ginger shade.
  • Mahogany Red (#99J) rich and glossy shade of mahogany.
  • Plum or Cherry Red (#530) sleek and unusual look guaranteed to turn heads.

These best Hair Extensions can increase your hair’s length, volume and can also change your look. All these extensions are made up of 100 % human hair and make your hair more silky, smooth, shiny and natural.

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