Busted Blood Vessel in Eye: Causes and Treatment

Definition of Blood Vessel: Valuable Guide

In this article we are going to discuss about busted blood vessel in eye and we also describe the symptoms and treatment. Eye Hemorrhage is an eye problem caused when the white part of the eye looks like blood. It causes when the blood vessels break under the tissue which covers the white part of the eye. After that, the white part converts into red blood type color and cause Eye Hemorrhage.

It usually starts with normal eye discomfort and leads to the serious condition when it can’t be cured on time. So, if you are a victim of this problem and you are feeling that soon you will become one, then this guide is perfect for you. As it describes the causes, preventions, symptoms, and treatments for this.busted-blood-vessel-in-eye

Causes of Eye Hemorrhage:

There are many problems behind this disease, some possible and most common issues are discussed here.

  • Eye Trauma.
  • Vitamin K and C deficiency.
  • Effects of eye surgery.
  • Eyestrain and cough.
  • Continuous eye rubbing.
  • Excessive usage of harmful drugs.


  • Redness in eyes.
  • Irritating eyes.
  • Eye pain or itchy eyes.
  • Only white part of eye started getting red.
  • Blurred vision especially in morning.
  • Straining.


Before you become the victim of this problem, you should take special care. So that you may escape from this problem in future.

  • If you feel that your eyes are itchy and irritating, then consult to your doctor.
  • Try to take the food which contains both vitamin K and C.
  • Don’t rub your eyes too much which can cause trauma. Always rub gently and try to take some drops which you feel itchy eyes.
  • If you have gone through an eye surgery, and you feel some redness and irritation in your eyes, then consult with your surgeon and cure it on time.

Is eye drops beneficial in this condition?

No, don’t ever try to use any drops in this condition. Some drops can even affect your eyes and put it at risk. Moreover, some drops may relief your eyes temporarily and can cause more problem to your eyes.


There is not any preferred treatment for this problem because no medication is described for this disease. Although you can take the medication for other problems that cause this disease, but can’t take any medicine for eye hemorrhage. This disease will last for 10 years and you can never get rid of this before that duration.

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