Traveling Tips For Contact Lenses Wearers


If you are traveling for business or anywhere, you might fail to follow your normal routine by skipping your daily workouts or perhaps you overindulge in other activities. And it might be difficult for you to follow your usual regimen for wearing and caring for your contact lenses. And it may result in discomfort, or, worse or an eye infection.

Here are some tips to travel with contact lenses:

Pay Attention To Your Eyewear Prescriptions

You should get your eyes checked before few days of your bag back, to make sure that your contact lens and eye glass prescription are up to date. This is more important if you’re going to distant from home for an extended period

You can put copies of your prescriptions with you in case of an emergency, Aside from bringing a backup pair of glasses with you

Pack All Your Eye Care Gear

In addition to backup pair of glasses and a contact lens solution, you can take a spare contacts, few leak-proof contact cases and any other eye care supplies you need.

Consider Switching To Disposable Contact Lenses

You can use daily disposable contact lenses, if you will be visiting a place with less-than-ideal hygiene conditions.

Practice Good Contact Lens Hygiene

Contact Lenses

Be sure to clean your hands thoroughly with water and soap before using your contact lenses or your eyes. Before touching a lens or an eye, your hands should be dry.

Wash your lens case with storage solution and clean your lenses every day. Furthermore, wear your contacts only for the recommended period and don’t use your contact lenses overnight

Also, do not use water for storage of contact lenses.

Don’t wear contacts in the water

Always remove your contact lens before entering the water, in the ocean or hotel swimming pool. Because it might be risky for your eyes to get bacterial, fungal or amoeba-borne eye infection. You can wear daily disposable contacts or put on goggles before going into the water or while swimming.

Shield Yourself From The Sun

Contact Lenses

You should take precautions to safe your eyes from exposure to dangerous UV rays. If you want to protect yourself, you should consider getting contact lenses with UV protection.

Other precautions include wearing a large-brimmed hat, polarized sunglasses and UV-blocking contacts. Always protect your eyes from sun.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Sight

Contact Lenses

If any or both of your eyes become painful, blurry, red or sensitive to light, firstly remove your contact lenses than you follow these steps

Put your contacts in their case rather than throw them away. It helps doctors to take cultures from the contacts.

Wear glasses until you can get your eyes checked by a doctor. Follow your eye doctor’s advice about your contacts.

Don’t Buy Questionable Contacts

Contact Lenses

Do not buy contact lenses if you spot them for sale in corner stores. Never buy contact lens unless they have been prescribed for you as they can harm your vision.

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