Which Contact Lenses Are Best For You?


While choosing a new pair of glasses there are many things that should be consider however, what about new contacts lenses? in contact lenses you don’t have to think about the shape of frame, color and design, however, still there are many different types of contact lenses to choose from. Let’s discuss some of the main variables of contact lenses.

Dailies Or Monthlies?

Which Contact Lenses Are Best

Would you like to use the same pair of contact lenses daily or throw a pair away after using? There are advantages and drawbacks for both type. Risk of infection can be reduced by dailies because they go straight to your eyes from their packaging. As this is for one time use so you do not have to worry about cleaning them and that is why they are very convenient. They do, however, tend to be expensive.

Monthlies could be the best option if you do not mind the cleaning and like to spend minimum time on your lenses. There are also weekly disposable contact lenses if you want the best. Its totally up to you that which ones you select, ensure to follow the directions for how long to wear them. Don’t wear them out beyond the suggested time.

Daily Or Extended Wear Contact Lenses?

Which Contact Lenses Are Best

In addition to how long they are designed to be safely worn before being removed and how long contacts is meant to last. If you want to protect your eye health, then it is necessary to wear your lenses only for the recommended time period. Do not wear daily lenses as they they are not extended wear lenses, and do not impel daily lenses with extended wear lenses.

It is necessary to follow the instructions because the reason behind if we wear contact lenses for long period of time so the bacteria can stick to them and cause infection to our eyes. It’s like wearing a small serving dish on your eye, which makes infections on eyes much more quickly. If you think that before going to bed at night you’re going to forget to take your contacts out, you might do better with extended wear.

Material: Silicon Hydrogels Or Plastic?

Which Contact Lenses Are Best

Silicon Hydrogels and plastic are the two most common options for modern contact lenses. These materials are quite breathable, allowing oxygen to reach the surface of the eye. Soft lenses provide better ease and would not slip around as much, however they are not good for many different types of vision problems as compare to hard plastic lenses. Plastic lenses last longer, easy to put on and clean, and cover less of the eye.

Let’s Find The Best Contacts For You

Which Contact Lenses Are Best

How durable they are, how long you can wear them before your eyes need a break, and what they are made out of, however we have not even gotten into spherical lenses vs. toric lenses, colored lenses, shaded lenses and many more. If it all seems enormous, do not have to worry, because we have got your back.

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