Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: Pros And Cons


They are of single-usage as they are discarded and removed on daily basis. On next morning, a new pair is used to applied in eyes. Daily disposable contact lenses are convenient for consumer’s health and other benefits.

Before knowing pros and cons of disposable contact lenses, you should not confuse with two things:

Firstly, daily wear and daily disposable are two other things in the world of contact lenses. “Daily wear” are the lenses that must be removed before sleeping and these lenses can be replaced daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending upon the brand.

Secondly, disposable and daily disposable. “Daily disposable that are removed and discarded daily while “disposable” lenses can be discarded after every two weeks.

Why Throw Out Lenses At All?

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

It is the more comfortable and healthier for your eyes to replace your lenses frequently.

As the natural substances found in your tears ,build up on your lenses and make your eyes more prone to infection.

Because cleaning of lenses is not 100% effective.

Daily Contact Lenses: Convenience And Health

If you are not following your eye doctor’s cleaning instructions, so you might be wealthy with daily disposables.

Wearing contact lenses for whole night is not good for anyone. It increases the risk of eye problems, during sleep.

In this way daily disposable contact lenses are convenient and healthy because it does not require cleaning and no overnight wear.

Daily Contact Lenses And Regular Lenses

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Before the arrival of disposable lenses, it was common that replacing lenses was a healthy thing to do. Issue was, contacts were too costly to throw away which is why many cleaning solutions and devices were used to increase the life of the lens.

Then manufacturing company of lenses started new way to produce high-standard lenses in greater volume and lower cost. These new advent decreases the price of lenses, making it reasonable to replace lenses more frequently.

Daily contact lenses and traditional lenses are made of the exact materials, other disposables lenses are made from other materials and designs evolve mainly for disposability.

If you are thinking about daily contact lenses, be sure that higher lens cost is offset by the price you will secure on lens care products, because they would not be required.

Can I Use Daily Contact Lenses?

Yes, everybody can.

However Your eye care specialist will inform you more.

Daily disposable lenses are single vision designs, available in all colors, in designs to treat astigmatism and in multi focal designs to correct presbyopia.

If you can not afford daily disposable lenses, you can buy traditional disposables lenses or frequent replacement lenses.


Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Cost is the main disadvantage of contact lenses. Other than cost, some people object that they can or can not be recycled after dispose off. So, blister packs and contact lenses cannot be recycled.

Locally although they can be assemble and periodically sent to TerraCycle for reuse. The cardboard boxes that lenses come in can simply be reprocess as normal.

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