How A Headache Can Affect Your Eyes And Vision


Have you ever had a headache that affected your vision? Headache can affect eyes. If you have pain around your eyes, it may be due to headache. Despite the headache is not connected with a vision issue.When your eyes are changing so it also cause pain in head and that it may be the right time to visit eye specialist. Even though headaches can often be allocate to the ways in which we use our eyes, a critical headache should always be considered.

Headaches That Affect Vision

Migraine Headache

Headache Affect Eyes

A migraine headache can make extreme pain all over your eyes. A sensory phenomena that occur before a migraine look like a flashing lights, a brindled rainbow of lights or a zig-zag pattern of shinny lights often lead the real headache. This phenomena lasts around 20 minutes. Patients who experience this phenomena never cause the headache in future. It can also cause sensation or deadness of the skin. Vomiting, light sensitivity, and nausea are the sign of serious migraine. Migraine headache affect your eyes more.

Cluster Headache

Headache Affect Eyes

Cluster headaches appear in cluster and related with pain around the eyes. The pain may run towards the neck and also contain the shoulder. People who ever had cluster headaches tend to have for some time in a year and then vanish for long time. Cluster headache is also consider the most serious pain. Cluster headaches include following signs:

Nasal drainage.
Red eyes.
Eyelid drop.
Changes in pupil size.

Vision Problems That Cause Headaches

Eye Strain

Too much use of focusing muscles of eyes can cause eye strain and create headache. We feel comfortable with new technologies however using phones and computers too much can causes strain on our eyes. On a computer screen photos and words do not contain precise boundary because they are made up of many tiny dots or pixels. Our eyes can not focus on pixels so it take force to see the computer screen. A headache occur when our eye muscles become exhaust.


People with farsightedness often protest for a pain in head. If you are unable to see nearby things and may feel eye strain so pain around your eyes or in your forehead often occur because you are able to recompose for your farsightedness by suppressed focusing harder.


Headache Affect Eyes

Around the age of 40 people find it hard to see nearby objects. Near point things like reading are some time blurry. This is known as presbyopia and it everyone was affected by this at some stage. Headaches often occur due to trying to recompense for the absence of focusing power.

Giant Cell Arteritis

Giant cell arteritis are temporal arteritis. It is a swelling of the lining of the arteries that run along the temple. It generally make a continues pain in the temples. Absence of blood supply to the optic nerve and retina can cause vision loss. It is also examine as a medical emergency. If it not treated well so it may create vision loss in eyes. Giant cell arteritis have following symptoms:

Fatigue and muscle aches.
Scalp tenderness.
Pain while chewing.
Decreased vision.

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