How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy


Your eyes are your windows to the world. However they are delicate which is why you need to take extra care of them. Your eyes become worse because of many reasons such as unhealthy diet, age, dust, pollution, stress, etc. While you can not really stop aging of your eyes but you can slow it down. However you can avoid many eye problems if you adopt some measure to keep your eyes healthy.

Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Regular Check-up For Your Eyes

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Visit your eye doctor at least once a year. Eye specialist will perform some tests to find how healthy your eyes are and how powerful vision is. As per the results, if needed, you will be given a new glasses or medicines.

In children, myopia has been becoming an epidemic. The best way to ensure safety from myopia is Scheduling regular eye check-up exams. Daily eye exam can ward off different eye conditions like cataracts, retinal detachment, and glaucoma.

A Healthy Diet To The Rescue

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

This is a traditional way of keeping your eyes healthy. There are some foods that increase your eyesight and decrease the effects of aging. Make sure that your diet contain following things.

Fishes like salmon, sardines, anchovies, tuna, etc contain omega 3 fatty acid which is very important for eye health.

All types of seeds and nuts.
Foods like carrots, squash, cantaloupe, red peppers, and yellow bell pepper.
Eggs, dairy products, soybeans and also vegetarian protein sources.
All the leafy green vegetables.

A well-balanced and healthy diet also reduces the risk of becoming fat or contracting diabetes or hypertension, which are main cause of eye problems.

Give Up Smoking

Smoking not only damage your lungs however it can also give you eye problem like cataracts. It may damage your optic nerve and cause macular degeneration. Smoking also increases risk of many other eye problems like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome.

Wear Sunglasses

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

When you go out into the sun, shades are imperative and protect you from the worst of the UV rays. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can harm your eyes. These rays can cause macular degeneration, cataracts and even temporary blindness. If your work need continuous stare of 8 hours, you will need to adopt a some extra precautions.

Protective Gear

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Computer screens emit blue light which is harmful for your eyes. You can put an anti-glare cover to the computer screen or wear anti-glare glasses to reduce the effect of blue light.

When go outside in sunlight, always wear safety glasses or eye shields. When and where necessary, use goggles. Eyewashes are also important to keep your eye-safe.

Adjust The Lighting

The light of your office room is not too harsh. Your computer screen will reflect the light coming in through the window so don’t sit with your back to an open window. Adjust the brightness of your computer so that it complements the lighting of the room.

Do not take Your eyes for granted because they are priceless. Get a full night’s sleep as it helps in promoting good eye health. Keeps you hand clean If you have a habit of touching your eyes.

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