WHO: The Impact of new Virus Variants on COVID-19:

The virus, along with new and modified mutations, is referred to as the “Variant” of the original virus. Similar to the case of Coronavirus. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes Covid-19. This virus is replicating more rapidly because of its spread. This rapid spread of the virus causes an increase in the mutations. The more favorable circumstances this virus gets to spread, the more it multiplies and the more opportunities it brings to experience alterations and innovations.

So, how much do we know about these virus variants? And according to WHO, what preventive measures should we take to prevent these mutations? Let’s get into it.

WHO & Virus Variants:

WHO has been following the virus variants and their mutations since the beginning of the Covid outbreak. The World health organization claims that its worldwide SARS-CoV-2 laboratory fiber involves a brilliant Virus Evolution working crew.

The objective of these bright heads is to discover new modifications quickly and demonstrate the possible impacts of this virus.

Furthermore, talking about the consequences of new virus variants on the Covid vaccines. The vaccines that are currently manufactured are also effective against Coronavirus. But these vaccines draw out a broad immune response, including cells and antibodies.

In this case, if the current composition of vaccines could not survive against new mutations, it would be possible to modify their composition to make it strong enough to fight the new virus variants in this scenario, WHO is currently working with health professionals to conceive the behavior of variants and their impact on vaccines.

Prevention from variants: WHO advises – Final Thoughts:

Ceasing the spread of the virus is the fundamental action. WHO has listed some crucial preventive measures for the prevention of virus variants. These include washing your hands frequently, wearing masks every time you go out, social distancing, sound ventilation system around you, prevention from going into crowded areas. These are some of the significant ways to reduce the replication of viruses. Most importantly, vaccines are the primary tool against Covid-19.

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