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Antoni Queer Eye a burst of energy on an otherwise dreary, rainy February day, asks him to set up for an early morning photoshoot. It is undoubtedly a raging, tiring time in the life of the Brooklyn resident, one of the outbreaks of Netflix’s unbelievably well-received and heart-warming reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, a show that primarily breaks off the qualifier in its time new iteration. Porowski is the local food and wine expert in the program, but beyond his kitchen skills, he is best known for his good looks like a movie star and his extensive T-shirt collection the 33-year-old repeater of Strokes, Arcade Fire, and the national screen and off.

1. Be Ready to Adapt Your Grocery List

It’s essential to go to the grocery store with a plan and a list, but it’s a skeleton – you need to know how to deviate from that and adapt it to the fresh ingredients available, if you do not have a radicchio you know that you can get endives, which is also very bitter, but not the same, or if you want to roast Brussels sprouts, but this is dirty or withered in the store, you can take Haricot Verts or other vegetables as a substitute Frozen peas – frozen at maximum freshness – or in summer freshly peeled dainty peas from Trader Joe – and fry them with bacon, plenty of butter and Maldon salt.

Be Ready to Adapt Your Grocery List
Be Ready to Adapt Your Grocery List

2. Never Attempt a Brand-New Dish

One big mistake I’ve made for many years is that I always decide, “Hey, do you know what a crazy new thing I’m going to try tonight?” Do not be too ambitious because you’re under stress and sweats bullets and have no fun because you panic to get this new dish right. Stick to something simple and straightforward, and you are already familiar with because, at night, it’s really about talking and spending time with the people you pick up. You do not want to welcome people when you are in the middle of a crisis.

Never Attempt a Brand-New Dish

3. Upgrade a Standby with 1 Luxe Swap

Equip with a simple thing if you want to try something different for a dinner party because you want to be a little bit more. Instead of making mashed potatoes or simple fried potatoes, make duck fat roast potatoes. It’s a new ingredient that you can pick up at Whole Foods, and you still follow the same traditional rules that you’re used to. But this little change makes it even more special with a new taste and a unique elegance. Antoni Queer Eye

Upgrade a Standby with 1 Luxe Swap

4. Give Guests a Bite the Minute They Walk-In

Give your guests a quick bite as soon as they enter. It should be served and prepared at room temperature. I always do Devils on Horseback with a Medjool date, stuffed with a Marcona almond and gorgonzola (or goat’s cheese, if you’re a bit picky), all wrapped in ham for a nice, salty kick. You first toss it on a baking tray, and then her first bite crumbles with the almond, the sweet and sticky caramelization of the date, the fat of the pork, and the spicy, sharp umami of the blue cheese. You can not go wrong with a cheese board either. Make sure you put things together with the way you want people to combine them: Dried apricots stand next to blue cheese because they go well along, and gherkins are far away because they’re too salty and not blue.

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