Best Places to Live in Texas USA 2018 – For Families and Individuals


Top 5 Best Places to Live in Texas USA 2018 – Population and House Prices Detail

Indeed, the USA is the most beautiful, safest and clean region and it attracts the people of different countries. Texas USA is the beautiful city which is surrounded by beautiful rivers and well known for its musical culture. There are some reasons that will force you to live in Texas such as;Texas USA

  • First of all, the resident in this city does not have to pay the tax.
  • Secondly, it is enriched with wind, oil and gas resources so it has lower power charges.
  • You will get high quality and clean foodstuff.

Although the prices of the places are rising day by day it does not matter when you will get enough resources as these are the Best Places to Live in Texas USA.

Best Places to Live in Texas USA:


This amazing city is located between the two awesome regions named Fort Worth and El Pasco. The population of Midland is about 1,34,610 in 2018 and house price is about $260,000. There is a huge chance of employment in the city due to the recent invent of the resources. The families who want to settle down in the partial desert and in beautiful as well as the affordable region in Texas, this is the best choice for them.Texas USA


The fastest growing small city in Texas is Frisco. The population of the city is 163,656 approx. and the house price is 395,900 Dollar for a medium house. This city is ranked at number one due to highest mid-range salaries so the chances of employment are high. The high traffic and pay for house marketing are high.Texas USA


Another beautiful yet affordable city to live in Texas USA in Austin. The population of this city is 947,890 in 2018 and the house prices are 334,400 Dollar approximately. But you will get a medium size house at this price, for a larger house, you have to pay more money. The noticeable things about this city are nightlife and huge job chances.Texas USA


This small city is close to Forth West and Dallas but it is a more peaceful region. The population is about 238,289 in 2018 and the house prices are 188,300 Dollar Approximately. The tree-lined streets, friendly community, cultural experiences and family-focused community is the perfect place to live in Texas.Texas USA


This small town of Texas can best be described with these three words, Safe, Friendly and Natural. The population of the city is 172,298 approx. in 2018 and the prices of the houses may range from 301,500 for a medium range house. The noticeable things about this town are; outdoor activities, Parks, high schools, shops, and family-oriented experience.Texas USA

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