Best Ten food for Healthy Eyes: Healthy diet for healthy Eyes


According to one of the report, people above age 55 are at risk of blindness due to deficiency of vitamins in body. It is important to have such foods in diet which are essential for healthy eyes. Beside the diseases caused, the second major reason of weak eye vision is Vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is the source of 11-cis-retinal which is responsible for vision in the eye therefore, Vitamin A deficiency may lead to vision loss. There are other key factors that play important role in good eye sight. Other studies have shown that a diet rich in vitamins C and E, beta carotene, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids also helps to have healthy eyes. With the growing age, eyes stand at threatening edge due to lack of good diet and diseases. There are such diseases which are caused due to age; older age. But researches proved that food containing lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases.

Healthy eyes

It is bitter truth that eye sight is least concerned issue until a threatening symptom occurs. It plays however vital role in life, just imagine life without eyes. Apart from healthy diet, few things are worth sharing here. When eyes got tired and strained after continuous use then give them a relaxation time. On screen reading affect eyes more strongly, so after long work on computer screen give a break by following 20/20/20 rule. This rule says, look 20 feet far away for 20 second after every 20 minutes. That gives relaxation to muscles used for focusing object. Moreover, after finishing at the end put a warm soft piece of clothes on your eyes while resting. This will surely take out from tiring mode.

Healthy Diet
Food for Eyes Health

What else you can do? Start using eyes supplements. Special supplements can be taken on your doctor’s advice. There are supplements available which are vitamin rich. Moreover, practice exercises for healthy eye vision.

Which foods should you take for your eyes health? Are you concerned about it? Here comes the list of those foods which will protect your eye sight gets worse and become victim of eye diseases. There are a lot more nutritious food than carrot which you can add in your diet.


Fish carries Omega 3 fatty acid which is good for protecting from dryness, macular degeneration and contracts. It helps to make tiny eye vessel strong and healthy. Cold water fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel are rich in both EPA and DHA. According to a study, seniors who eat fish at least twice weekly are only about half as likely to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as those who consumed fish less than once a week. Fish oil contains Omega 3 also, intake of oil provides nutrients for eyes.

2.Leafy Greens:

Leafy greens are full of lutein and zeaxanthin. It helps eyes from contraction and degeneration. Kale, spinach and collard green are example of them. Powerful antioxidants are also good for eyes like intake of avocado and peas. In the view of researchers, this lutein and zeaxanthin found in green vegetables are helpful for “potentially improve vision”. It also protect from age related eye diseases.


The best healthy diet is egg which protect from night blindness and dry eyes. Eggs are rich source of vitamins and nutrients. They enhance eye vision and health. Egg yolks are full of lutein, which helps to fight against blindness and degeneration. One of the studies shows that regular intake of eggs can minimize the risk of cataract in eyes up to 18%.

4.Whole Grains:

Whole grains help you fight against vision impairing. It contains GI (Glycemic index) which protect from macular degeneration. Daily use of grains improves in healthy eyes vision. These high Glycemic index foods reduce the progress of AMD as 8%. It is better to use less refined carbohydrates for example rice, brown bread, pasta and oats.

5.Citrus fruits and Berries:

Citrus fruits like Orange and lemon are full of vitamin C. also berries are good for healthy eyes. These fruits rich in vitamin C can reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataract.  Vitamin C is important for formation of connective tissues that are found in cornea of eye. This vitamin can be taken by adding vegetable and fruits in diet.


You have heard that orange food like carrots help you to maintain healthy eyes. These orange colored fruits and vegetables give healthy nutrient to your body known as Vitamin A. Beta Carotene is the reason of orange color of these fruits. Vitamin A helps retina to function properly. Vitamin A deficiency may cause blindness. Nowadays the leading reason of blindness is lack of vitamin A. It also helps in improving weak eye sight.


Nuts also contains Omega 3 plus vitamin E. Vitamin E is important for eye functioning. They are full of minerals such as zinc which boost eye vision.  The use of nuts decreases the risk to be victim of age related diseases and macular degeneration. Walnuts, almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts are tasty snacks which are rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin E.

8.Beans and Lentils:

A good source of Bio flavonoids and zinc is beans and lentils. Red kidney beans, peas and lentils can play a role in healthy retina of eye. Bio flavoniods are type of phytonutrient that naturally occurs in plants. It is red and yellow pigments which help to protect eye from damage. For keeping the body and eyes healthy bioflavonoid plays a vital role because of carrying antioxidant.

9.Sun flower seeds:

Seeds are rich source of vitamin E. Vitamin is essential for eye vision. Therefore sun flower seeds are good source of vitamin E and Omega 3. The good supply of these: Vitamin E and Omega 3 helps in good eye vision.

10. Tomatoes:

They are packed with carotenoids, which is essential for Retina of eye. It has lycopene which gives it red color. Lycopene helps from damage of retina and other soft tissues of eye. It also contains high power vitamin C that improves vision of eye.

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