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Beverly Aadland also known as Beverly Aadland Fisher was a well-known American film actress who started acting at an early age. She married thrice among which she has 1 daughter Aadlanda Joy Fisher. She was also known by other names in the industry including Woodsey, Little Wood Nymph, SC.

Though she started acting at an early age but didn’t pursue this career for so long. She quit the show business industry after 9 years of making her debut. Beverly Aadland dies in 2010 with heart failure and due to diabetics issues.

Let’s talk about this ever-green film actress in detail in this guide to know more about her life and her family.

Beverly Aadland

Beverly Aadland Biography

Beverly was a popular and talented American film actress who worked in a few American movies and later quit acting. After quitting the industry she also worked as a performer. She did put herself into different controversies throughout her life due to different reasons. Her first boyfriend Errol Flynn was also an American actor who died early in 1959.

One of her boyfriends was found dead in her apartment after which she had to go through court sessions many times. Her debut movie was ‘Death of a Salesman which was on-air in 1951. She worked as a child star in that movie. Beverly is still dearly missed by her loved ones and co-fellows.

Beverly Aadland Age

She came into the world on 16th September 1942 in California. She lived in different parts of the world throughout her life.

Beverly Aadland Boyfriends

Beverly started dating at an early age and also had a sexual relationship with her boyfriends. Her first boyfriend was an American-Australian actor Errol who died in 1959. Beverly was known for being the last girlfriend of Errol. She started dating him when she was hardly 15 years old.

In 1960, one of her boyfriends died in her apartment because of being shot by an unknown person. In 2013, the movie ‘The last of Robin Hood’ was released which was based on Bevelery’s relationship with her first boyfriend Errol.

Beverly Aadland Husbands

She got married in 1961 for the first time to Maurice Jose de Leon. The marriage did last for 3 years and in 1964 both parted ways. Later, the actress got married to Joseph E. McDonald in 1967 and ended her marriage in 1969.

Afterward, the same year she again tied the knot with Ronald Fisher and lived happily with him. She also had a daughter with that marriage.

Beverly Aadland boyfriend

Beverly Aadland Daughter

Aadland Joy Fisher is the daughter of a late American actress who never entered the show business industry.


As an Actress

She started working as an actress when she was a few years ago. However, she failed to grab major roles in the movies that’s why she quit after a few years. Her popularity was all because of her first boyfriend Errol for which a film was also made on the couple with the title The Last of Robin Hood.

Her debut film was ‘Death of a Salesman; where she did a minor role. Later, she was approached for South Pacific where she did a role of a Nurse. Her third movie was ‘Cuban Rebel Girls’ and her last movie was titled The Red Skelton Show.’

As a Singer and Dancer

After quitting her acting profession, she began her career in singing and dancing. She performed in different countries of the world. After many years she returned to her country California and got married.

However, after her last marriage, she quit this profession as well. According to her husband Fisher. Beverly never forgot her first boyfriend Errol.

Beverly Aadland Death

On 5th January 2010, she died in California due to heart failure and diabetes complications. Her husband Fisher died a few years ago. She was under treatment at that time,

Beverly Aadland Movies

  • Death of a Salesman
  • Cuban Rebel Girls
  • South Pacific
  • The Red Skelton Show

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