Your Eyes Are The Windows To Your General Health


Your eyes are the windows to your health because they can disclose important information about your overall health beyond if you need glasses, including different health diseases and even cancer. For people it is common to visit eye doctor for only eyesight check and then have certain problem related to health or susceptibility take up by the optometrist.

Eye Exams And Your Health

Eyes Are The Windows To Your Health

Doctors can detect general health conditions by eye examination early enough to intercede. With the help of Advanced screenings they easily foresee cardiovascular incidents like stroke, and also notice signs of mental changes like Alzheimer’s. Learn how eye exams can reveal more just than eye health.

Brain Cancer And Stroke

As the eyes and brain contain similar blood vessels so a optometrist can notice a problem taking place in the brain by examining the eyes blood vessels. If eyes become swell or shadows in the eye is noticed, it may show a serious condition in the brain such as tumor or a stroke.


Eyes Are The Windows To Your Health

Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema is caused by diabetes, as it can damage to the blood vessels in the retina. If the patient has leaky blood vessels in the eye, doctor would recommend to control their blood sugar. Changes are moderate, and they start before optical symptoms are noticed. Diabetic eye diseases can be control earlier, the better the chances are of protecting eyesight.


High blood pressure, can be noticed during eye exam, distinguish by having high pressure in the blood vessels. The broken blood vessels can cause swelling, hemorrhages, and leaking and can be find in the eyes. Hypertension can affects nearly 1 in 3 adults, So early detection can be life-saving.

High Cholesterol

Eyes Are The Windows To Your Health

High cholesterol can easily be noticed by eye doctor during eye exam because the cholesterol deposits manifest on the front of the eye, appearing as a thin, gray rim around the cornea. It can also be found in the retina by assessing artery and vein patterns.

These deposits may indicate the development of Retinal Blood Vessel Occlusion, a condition in which blockages limit flow of blood to the back of the eye, resulting temporary or permanent vision loss.

Heart Conditions

Heart conditions related with a buildup of plaque in the carotid artery can also cause to put that clog the ocular arteries in the eye. If an eye doctor find these changes to the vascular structure at the back of the eye, they will recommend going to a professional.


Eyes Are The Windows To Your Health

Different types of cancers are discovered during an eye exam. An optometrist can also detect lymphoma and other eye tumors beside brain cancer, skin cancer and melanoma. Eye check can save lives.

What The Future Holds

Alzheimer’s Disease

According to recent studies, octa, a non-invasive and precise imaging device can indicate the presence of eye changes related with alzheimer’s disease. Because the retina of the eye is in many ways an extension of the brain, the eye altered blood vessels give a sight into the changes taking place in the brain.

Parkinson’s Disease

Eyes Are The Windows To Your Health

Parkinson’s Disease can sometimes misdiagnosed because its premature symptoms are attribute of other conditions. Advanced eye exam technology can detect the subtle eye tremors, an early Parkinson’s disease. Specialist may send patients to an optometrist to test for these diseases soon.

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