Effective And Simple Eye Health Tips For Computer Users


Most of us spend a major part of our day in front of computer screens daily be it for work or studying. Spending too much time on screens can cause computer eye strain. Almost every day our eyes feel fatigued, irritated and dry by staring at the computer screen for many hours. If you also feel the same then you are suffering from computer vision syndrome. Here we are going to discuss how computer affect eyes and some effective tips for computer users.

How Computer Affect Your Eyes And Vision?

Your eyes continuously focus and refocus,while working on computer. Your eyes move back and forth while reading. While working, you have to look at other documents and switch your eyes between that document and the computer screen. Doing so your eyes respond to changing images on the screen to create so that your brain can process whatever you are seeing with your eyes. These tasks put strain on your eye muscles.

Tips For Computer Users

Get Your Eyes Examined

Tips For Computer Users

If you are experiencing any of the eye problem symptoms then get your eyes exam quickly. This is the important step for preventing any eye problem. Those who use computer must get their eyes checked once in a year. Inform your eye doctor about how much you use a computer at work and at home. Also, inform the distance between your eyes and the computer screen an see whether it’s right or not.

Consider The Colour Temperature

The colour temperature of your display is necessary. The blue light of the visible spectrum of light causes more eye strain due to short wavelength compared to red and orange colours because they have longer wavelength. Decreases the colour temperature of your display will reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the monitor, giving you viewing comfort.

Follow 20-20-20 Rule

Tips For Computer Users

The eyes cannot see at a close distance for some hours. Give them a break by following 20-20-20 rule. Take a break every 20-minutes and look at any object at least 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. While you do that, move your eyes and see at different objects at some distances.

Blink, Blink, And Blink

Blinking moist our eyes and also prevent dryness and irritation. our eyes tear coating quickly evaporates and can cause dry eyes. Moreover, the air in many offices is dry due to air conditioning system. This speed up the evaporation process, thus exposing you to greater chances of dry eye problems. if you have this problem, your eye doctor might give you artificial tears.

Get Computer Glasses

Tips For Computer Users

Prescription eyewear specially designed for computer work may help you focus well on the screen. This also helps in reducing glare and computer eye strain. It is best to get customized eyeglasses for computer work. This is also helpful for people who wear bifocals or progressive lenses. As these lenses are not optimal for the distance to your computer screen so using computer glasses is a good choice.

Take Frequent Breaks

Tips For Computer Users

The common symptom of computer vision syndrome are headache, pain in eye and neck and shoulders. If you want to reduce pain then take frequent breaks of five minutes during working. And if you think that taking breaks will affect your productivity then the less you feel fatigued, the more you can focus on your work.

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