3 Eye Problems and Pink Eye In Kids


Pink Eye Problem In Kids And Some Other Common Eye Problems In Babies With Treatment

Pink eye in kids is a most common problem. Some organs of our body require intense care when compared to others. You probably take care of the skin of your baby and try hard to protect your child from any problem. But most of the people don’t even think to take care of the child’s eye health which causes eye problems in babies. One should take proper cares of the eyes as this sensitive organ is more affected by the diseases.

3 Eye Problems in Babies

The three common eye problems in babies along with symptoms, causes and treatment is mentioned to help you to maintain your child’s eye health.

1. Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis:

pink eye in kids

It is the most common eye infection or problem in which the white part of the eye looks reddish. The main reason is the bacterial and allergic infection.

Symptoms and Causes:

  • Pink or red eyes.
  • The eye tears.
  • Itchy or uncomfortable eyes.
  • The main cause of this is bacteria or virus.
  • Swollen eyelids.


  • Consult with your doctor when you feel the condition is severe.
  • Clean the eye with Luke warm and salted water twice a day.
  • Avoid carrying your baby in the sun.

2. Block Tear Duct:

Another eye problem which directly affects the babies’ eye health is Block Tear Duct. It appears as a glue which attaches the eyelashes with the eye. Eye Problems in Babies

Symptoms and Causes:

  • Watery eye.
  • Tearing eye.
  • Pain or little swelling in the eye.
  • The main cause of this is when the tearing tissue gets obstructed.


  • When the condition becomes more severe, it is suggested to take surgery but with doctor’s advice.
  • Take a cotton ball and clean your eye with it using the warm water.
  • Keep the outer eye of the baby clean all the time.
  • Use some eye drops on the doctor’s prescription.

3. Sty:

This infection appears as a little bumpy pimple on the eye led. It usually appears on the upper or lower side of the baby’s eye. The main reason for this problem is blocked glands which infects the eye directly.Eye Problems in Babies

Symptoms and Causes:

  • Infection on eyelid glands.
  • Little bump pimples on the upper or lower side of the eye.
  • It appears in a reddish sign first which turns into a pimple soon.


  • Use of antibiotic drops.
  • Try to provide warm touch to the babies’ eye.
  • Keep the eyelids and eyelashes clean all the time.
  • The usage of eye vitamins like vitamin A, E, Omega Fatty etc.

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