How to Remove Facial Moles | Causes, Remedies, Treatments

Remove Facial Moles with Home Remedies and Surgery

For fashion-forward ladies, a single black dot is a dangerous thing. Moles are appearing on your face and on other body parts usually on the neck. The moles are nothing but excessive skin on a specific part of the body. Some moles are dangerous while others are harmless. You don’t need to remove them until you feel some fear from this; regarding health and beauty. If you don’t want facial moles, then here are something for you to get rid of them. Facial Moles

Causes of Moles:

  • Due to high sun exposure.
  • Growth during puberty and pregnancy.
  • Skin growth.
  • Genetic changes.
  • Skin Damage.

Facial Moles Remedies:

You can follow any of these remedies as these have no side effects. But if you feel something is wrong and don’t work for you, it is advised to avoid that remedy and choose other.

  • 1st Remedy: First of all, take apple cider vinegar and directly apply it on the moles using a cotton ball. Now, leave it for few minutes and wash off with water. Use it twice or thrice to get rid of moles permanently.
  • 2nd Remedy: Take some iodine and mix it in some water. Apply it on moles for few minutes and then wash out with water.
  • 3rd Remedy: Firstly, take a banana peel and rub it on your mole. Use it on daily basis. It will fade the color of the mole gradually.
  • 4th Remedy: Take one tbsp. of baking soda. Now, mix one tbsp. of castor oil and mix them to make it a fine paste. After that, apply it to your affected area and leave for 30 minutes. Then gently massage for few minutes and wash out with fresh water. It will fade the facial mole color. (If it doesn’t suites to your skin, then don’t try this again0.

When to See a Doctor?

If your mole changes its shape and color, then its alarming situation. You should consult your doctor as some moles can lead to some dangerous disease like cancer.

Medical Treatments of Facial Moles:

Despite the home remedies, there is some medical treatment which can help you in this regard.

  • Surgical Excision.
  • Surgical Shave.

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