Top 5 Best Places to Live in Washington State USA (To Buy and Rent)

Best Places to Live in Washington State USA 2018 for Families

Washington State USA, a house of friendly people attracts people from all around the world live there. The most peaceful and beautiful city in the USA, Washington. The things that make it prominent and famous from other are; music, mountains, rainy seasons, friendly people, and home of Starbucks. Although the whole region is the best in every aspect, but there are some Best places to live in Washington state USA which grasp the attention of the people.

Best Places to Live in Washington State USA:

The latest list of Best Places to Live in Washington State USA has been released which depends upon the complete survey of the city. Consider it whenever you decided to live there.


The region of Washington which came in the first place is Westlake. The region is best at housing facilities, diversity, nightlife, and family oriented environment. This place is perfect for families as people are more friendly and it has huge employment chances.Washington State USA

Population: 3,977

Median House Price: $ 366,405

Median Rent: $ 1632


Another town which makes its place at second number due to friendly people and best housing rates. This place is worthier for the people who want to do their own business and the income rate is also very high. The friendly people, nightlife, varied employment chances, safety and the low number of crimes make this region even more perfect.

Population: 10,016

Median House Price: $ 723,806

Median Rent: $ 1,627


Perhaps, this town leads over others in term of cleanliness, studies, and entertainment. The town has many parks, clean streets, different food variety and restaurants. Moreover, they pay high attention towards academies and have many high schools. The other best places of this towns are entertainment and biking for adventurous and thriller people.

Population: 59,268

Median House Price: $ 525,000

Median Rent: $ 1,617

4.South Lake Union:

The busiest and peaceful region is South Lake Union. Most part of this city is owned by Amazon and they are developing new buildings by tearing down the old one. This town got this rating due to a family oriented environment, nightlife entertainment, schooling facilities and many other diversities.

Population: 16,441

Median House Price: $ 482,585

Median Rent: $ 1,561


If you want to raise your family in a well-settled area, then Windermere is the perfect choice for you. The region is famous for safety, family oriented environment, schooling, nightlife and outstanding community. Moreover, the entertainment options and a number of restaurants and food options are plus point of this region.

Population: 9,843

Median House Price: $ 828,784

Median Rent: $ 1,345

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