Cayman Nebraska, Age, Biography, Family, and Pictures


Cayman Nebraska who belongs to Ohio is a digital marketing executive. As per her Instagram profile she is living in Columbus and is a graduate of Ohio State University.

Cayman Nebraska Pictures



As in 2022 her age is 24.


There is no significant information regarding her family. Her mother voiced her worries about her daughter’s security. Her mother came in sight when she gave her stance regarding her daughter. Cayman’s mother said she was hoping her daughter wouldn’t lose her job because she needed the money to pay for the recently purchased home.


Before the controversy she was working as digital marketing executive in New Horizon Media Group.


In 2021 a video was leaked in which she was seen dancing with Urban Meyer in a bar. This video stormed the social media. People started criticizing both Urban and Cayman for this unethical dance.

Who is Urban Meyer?

He is head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. His video in which he was dancing with an unknown lady at an Ohio bar got him into trouble. The 57-year-old married man’s actions were mainly condemned on social media. The viral video was captured when the NFL coach and his family attended a dinner party following a game between Jacksonville and Cincinnati. After the football match, the coach made the decision to visit family in Columbus rather than return with the team. However, he was seen with young women in a video circulating on social media. Nebraska was among those women. Later, Meyer apologized in front of the public and called the incident a ‘dumb mistake.’

Investigation Against Cayman

Since the video showing her dancing with the head coach hit the internet the company New Horizon Media Group where Nebraska was working as an employee started an internal investigation. The firm is not in a state ‘to make any decision as to her (recruitment) status,’ according to Brian Duncan, an attorney for the company. Duncan continued, “We’ve never had any problems with her before. She has been a great asset to the firm.  we’ll conduct an internal inquiry to find out, if there is any impact on the firm, and we’ll proceed as necessary.

Apology by Meyer

Speaking to media following a team meeting, Meyer specifically confessed that he “disappointed” his spouse Shelley, but he appeared optimistic that his married life would not suffer. We’ve been together for 37 years, and it’s been amazing and “I don’t like to reveal our private life,” said Meyer.

Where is Cayman Nebraska now?

In 2022 for the 1st time since the scandal, Cayman was spotted in public. The Daily Mail captured a photo of the digital marketing executive as she came out of her home. According to reports, Nebraska was standing at the entrance of her home in Ohio home which she had bought in $400,000. Just one mile separates the residence from the bar where the controversy occurred. The photographs showed the 25-year-old in white T-shirt, a messy bun, and round glasses.


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