Eduin Caz’s Brother Kidnapping and Death Cause


Eduin Caz’s Musical Group ‘Grupo Firme’ has distinguished itself not only in Mexico but also globally. It has also received nominations for a number of programs, with the Premios de la Radio, Premios Juventud, Premio Lo Nuestro, and Latin Grammy, standing out. Since its establishment in Tijuana in 2014, the group has performed a variety of musical compositions before releasing their debut album, “Past, Present, Future,” which has twelve unappreciated songs.

Eduin Caz's

Popularity of Grupo Firme

However, the group gained popularity in 2018 after releasing the singles “Pdeme,” “El Roto,” and “Juro Por Dios,” and from that point on, their global fame was revealed. As a result, that same year, they successfully completed some musical tours in Colombia and also was able to produce a live album there titled En Vivo desde Medelln Colombia.

What Happened to Eduin Caz’s Brother

The singer still bears with him a painful memory of the events surrounding Eduin Caz and his brother Giovanni. The Grupo Firme vocalist’s family has a name for him by the name of Giovanni. When discussing what happened to someone he viewed as a brother, the artist still sobs. Because they unaware of this aspect of the well-known musician’s personal history, many of the singer’s fans have shocked.

Eduin Caz’s Statements in an Interview

Grupo Firme singer Eduin Caz said that his best friend Giovanni, whom he thought of as his brother, had abducted and murdered. Caz had an interview with Univision in which explained his feelings. ‘It is something sensitive, his brother like friend kidnapped, it was extremely difficult, he always stayed with him when he left the home, and he is dearly missed’ said Eduin.

He continued by saying that it is now hard for him to perform the song “Ni el dinero ni nada,” which recorded by Eduin Caz in Giovanni’s home, which was like his own home. Since I was a youngster, I have known him; I have lived at his house, at his parents’ house; he is not my biological brother, but I viewed him as my brother.’

How Many Siblings are there in Firme Group?

Two brothers Eduin and Jhonny Caz are members of the Firme group. Johnny is 3rd vocal of this music group and the presentations of this group depend on his presence on stage.

Jhonny Caz Controversy

Jhonny Caz came out as openly gay a year ago following the release of the Enloqueceme’s cover and music video. In it, Jhonny develops feelings for a man, which prompted the Tijuana group’s supporters to begin questioning.

As there is no shortage of people who nasty comments towards celebrities who reveal a “tiny portion” of their personal lives with their fans. Caz has been an open target of criticism and accusations on social media. But it’s not as serious for Jhonny Caz.

Johnny’s reaction about Criticism

Jhonny’s claim that it is normal for him because his friends, family, and other close mates have always known it demonstrates his self-assurance in the face of challenges. And as if that weren’t sufficient, Grupo Firme supporters cheered it.

It should emphasized that not everyone views Jhonny the same way. Jhonny Caz has been victimized by numerous homophobic Internet users on social media. Despite the fact that all he tries to do is be happy and enjoy his life to the fullest.

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