How To Get Rid of A Stye


Today I am here to tell you about a very common eye problem that is called Rid of a Stye. Styes are red, swollen lumps that form along the edge of the eyelid or close to the lashes. Sometimes, a stye can occur inside or under the eyelid. Moreover, the styles are not normally serious they can be irritating and painful if the proper treatment may not perform in time. In the below section some Stye Treatment tips are given by using them you can treat this problem.

Types To Get Rid of A Stye

There are two main types of styes depending on where they are located.

  1. External Stye (stye is located at the base of an eyelash follicle)
  2. Internal Stye (stye is found in the oil glands inside or under the eyelid)
How To Get Rid of A Stye

Early Symptoms of Stye

Usually, styes only happen in one eye at a time but it is possible for both eyes to have a stye. Early symptoms of a stye are mild and may include slight discomfort or redness along the lash line. Moreover, it may also feel irritated. Above all these, the Stye Treatment is possible with home remedies as well as medical consultation.

Some other symptoms may include:

  • There can be a red bump that resembles a small pimple along the eyelid that is close to eyelashes
  • It can be a small yellow spot in the middle of the bump
  • It feels as there is something in the eye
  • Light sensitivity may also feels
  • Eye discharge or crustiness along the eyelid
  • Heavily tear production
How To Get Rid of A Stye

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Stye Treatment via Home Remedies & Medication

One of the beneficial thing during the Stye Treatment is that it can be treated at home easily as well as with medication. The following tips will help you to minimize the stye and prevent recurrences:

Wash Hands Regularly: The first tip in Stye Treatment at home is to wash your hands. It prevents particles being rubbed into the eye and clogging up the glands. Washing hands frequently prevents styes from developing and reduces irritation of an existing stye.

Do not Pop: The next tip for Stye Treatment is not pop. As squeezing and popping a stye can release pus and spread the infection.

Warm Compress: It is the most effective treatment tends to be a simple warm compress. Soak a clean washcloth in warm water and apply to the affected area for up to 15 minutes. This should be done a few times each day until the stye is gone.

Teabag Compress: It is also similar to the above tip but replace the washcloth for a teabag that has been soaked in hot water. Green tea may be best if it has some antibacterial properties.

How To Get Rid of A Stye

Don’t Wear Heavy Makeup: Don’t use too much makeup to cover the stye because this can slow healing and irritate the stye. More bacteria can also be spread into your eye by makeup brushes and pencils. Old makeup should be discarded and brushes should be regularly. Moreover wash makeup off on daily basis.

Less Use of Contact Lenses: If you are a contact lens lover then must wash your hands when taking out, putting in and caring for your lenses.

Use Antibiotic Ointments: You can buy over-the-counter stye ointments from a pharmacy. To use these pull the lid of affected eye and apply about a quarter-inch of ointment inside the eyelid.

Massage the Area to Promote Drainage: You can massage the affected area in combination with the lid wipes to promote drainage. Massage the area gently with clean hands. Once the stye drains keep the area clean and avoid touching your eyes. Stop massaging if it hurts.

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